Adderall XR Side Effects In Kids

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 7:57am by Emma

Adderall XR Side Effects In KidsKids suffering from attention deficit hypertension disorder (ADHD) are often prescribed Adderall XR, which is composed of amphetamine salts. It will help to focus more. It will boost energy level. It also helps to improve the overall performance level. Adderall XR is also prescribed for narcolepsy.

Adderall XR is to be taken only once a day which makes it very convenient especially for kids. It is an extended release form of medication which means it is slowly released in the body. Its effect remains over the day.

However, using Adderall XR has several side-effects. Some of the adderall XR side effects in kids have been mentioned below:

1. Restlessness can be caused as one of the adderall XR side effects in kids.

2. The kids who take Adderall XR become a patient of high blood pressure. Hence, after prolonged use they are at a risk of suffering from heart diseases.

3. Adderall XR can impair the growth rate thus, affecting the growth of the kids.

4. Mood swings can be caused as one of the adderall XR side effects in kids.

5. Stomach pain can also occur as a side effect.

6. Kids taking adderall XR often suffer from anxiety and nervousness.

7. They may face nausea and headache.

8. They face a difficulty to fall asleep. It is also a side effect of taking adderall XR.

9. Kids taking Adderall XR for a long time may also become a victim of depression.

Prolonged use of Adderall XR causes dependence on it. It becomes difficult to stop using it. If an individual who is taking Adderall XR suddenly stops taking it that individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, increased desire of eating, feeling very exhausted without doing any tiring work, feeling stressed, feeling agitated, etc. Withdrawal symptom may also include sleeping for long hours.

Intake of a healthy diet comprising of a lot of vegetables and fruits is necessary. Food rich in vitamins and minerals should be taken. Food rich in fats must be avoided. Physical exercises should be practiced regularly.

Kids who take Adderall XR should be under regular check up. Having a regular blood pressure check up and measuring weight regularly are very important to identify any abnormalities. Regular check up will ensure that any abnormalities will be found out quickly.