Ambien Side Effects In Men

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 8:22am by Emma

Ambien Side Effects In MenAmbien helps to cure problems of sleeplessness. Ambien helps to fall asleep easily. It is generally prescribed for about 14 days at a time. It is a short-term treatment for sleeplessness. It is the brand name of sedative-hypnotic drug known as zolpidem.

Ambien has several side effects.

Some of the ambien side effects in men are:

1. The mouth may become dry. Dry mouth makes swallowing difficult.

2. It may lead to feeling drowsy in the day time which may interfere with your daily activities.

3. It may also cause constipation as a side effect.

4. Diarrhea may also be caused as one of the ambien side effects in men.

5. A person who is taking ambien may do an activity about which he would not remember anything on waking up in the next morning.

6. Feeling of confusion may be caused as one of the ambien side effects in men.

7. It also increases the desire of eating.

8. The individual taking ambien may find it difficult to balance him without help.

9. Headache is also one of the ambien side effects in men.

10. If an individual who is taking ambien suddenly stops taking it then he will experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are like, nausea, changes in mood, anxiety and stress. In extreme cases the individual may experience fear and panic attacks. It may cause cramps in the abdomen. The individual may vomit.

11. It may also cause irritation in the throat.

12. It has been found that depression patients taking ambien suffer more. These people have suicidal thoughts. Higher suicidal attempts have been found in them after taking ambien. Hence, such patients should be kept under watch.

An individual who has been prescribed ambien will face difficulties to fall asleep when he stops taking it.

An individual who is taking ambien should sleep for 7-8 hours otherwise he may not feel fully awake the next morning and should not do any activity that demands full attention.

After the dosage of ambien is complete an individual finds it difficult to sleep.

If you notice any serious side effect like, thoughts of suicide coming to your mind, aggression in behavior, hallucinations, depression, anxiety then you should consult your doctor without making any delay.