Amoxicillin Side Effects In Cats

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 3:09am by Emma

Amoxicillin Side Effects In CatsAmoxicillin is an antibiotic which is prescribed to fight against bacterial infections. It is used to treat respiratory tract infections, bladder infections, ear infections and skin infections. If the cat gets injured and suffers from any infection of the wound, then also amoxicillin can be used to provide relief.

Amoxicillin is also used to treat tooth abscesses in cats. The infected tooth is removed and amoxicillin is used to treat the infection.

Some of side effects of taking amoxicillin in cats:

• Diarrhea can be caused in the cat taking it as a side effect. In this, the cat will pass watery stools frequently in a day.

• The cat may vomit.

• The cat may experience pain in the stomach as amoxicillin side effects in cats.

• The cat may show a decreased desire in eating.

• Yeast infections may also be caused in the cat as one of the Amoxicillin side effects in cats.
Seizures, fever, irregular heartbeat are some serious side effects which may be caused, if an overdose of the medicine is given to a cat.

Allergic reactions to the medicine may also be caused. Urticaria in which rashes appear on the skin may also be caused as an allergic reaction. It is itchy. Allergic reactions may also cause trouble in breathing. The face and lips may swell. There may be swelling of the tongue.

The veterinarian who has prescribed your cat, amoxicillin should be informed if your cat has suffered from any liver disease or kidney disease. The veterinarian should also be informed if the cat is allergic to any medication. Moreover, if the cat is being given other medicines, then also the veterinarian should be informed as amoxicillin may interact with other drugs.

Your cat may not be able to express clearly the difficulties it is facing. You have to monitor your cat. If you find any adverse side effects, then the veterinarian must be informed. The cat should be given the dose according to the dose prescribed by the veterinarian. Moreover, do not stop giving it suddenly without taking the veterinarian’s advice.