Cephalexin Side Effects Depression

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 4:43am by Emma

Cephalexin Side Effects DepressionCephalexin is an anti-biotic which can fight against bacteria. It is used to treat bacterial infections. It is used to cure skin infections, bone infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infection and ear infections caused by bacteria. It belongs to the cephalosporins group of drugs.

Depression and cephalexin

In depression, a person may feel sad, anxious and worried. The person suffering from depression may find his life empty. In depression there may be either a decrease in desire of eating or an increase in appetite, difficulty in focusing, difficulty in decision making, sleeplessness or sleeping for long hours, low energy and problems in digestion. In serious cases, individual suffering from depression attempts suicide.

It may also be caused as a side effect of taking certain medications. Cephalexin has one of the side effects as depression.

Cephalexin has one of the side effects as depression. It also has several other side effects.

Common and Rare Cephalexin Side Effects Depression:

• Rashes may be caused.

• The mouth, lips, throat and tongue may become swollen as an allergic reaction. Moreover, difficulty in breathing may occur.

• Headache may also occur.

• The skin and white part of the eyes may become yellowish in color.

• Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

• Stomach pain may also be caused.

• It may also cause weakness and tiredness.

• Diarrhea may be caused. Watery stools may be passed multiple times. This may cause dehydration.

• Allergic reactions like, Urticaria and Stevens-Johnson syndrome may develop as an allergic reaction to it.
If you take an overdose the doctor should be consulted. An overdose of it may produce symptoms like, nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, presence of blood in the urine and diarrhea.

You should tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medication. You should inform your doctor if you have any liver disease, kidney disease, intestinal disorder or stomach disorder. The doctor should also be informed if you are taking any other medicine along with it. If the cephalexin side effects depression worsens with time then the doctor should be consulted. However, do not stop taking the medicine without asking the doctor.