Side effects of Gammar- P I.V.

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 4:51am by Emma

Gammer –P.I.V whose generic name is immune globulin is a decontaminated clarification made from human plasma. It contains with some antibodies meant to deliver help to your body so that it safeguards the body itself from any of the infection attacked the body from any of the diseases. Some of the prime immune deficient disease can be avoided by making use of the same. Sometimes usage of same targets the non-medical purposes as well. As every coin has two faces along with benefits it also has harmful effects too. Here mentioned are some of the side effects of gammer-P.I.V.

Side effects– In case you are already having any diseases like high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart diseases, diabetes and(even using insulin), heart stroke or blood clotting, already suffering from paraproteinemia and age is 65 or above then it is necessary for you to give a visit to your physician before making use of gammer. Because combining both the conditions (existence of health issue along with gammer) may end in side effects.

Kidney Issues- Gammer– P.I.V is not great for health of your kidneys. Even the harm would also increase very much if you are taking some harmful medicines as well. So, it would be great option for you to take advice from physician in that matter. When you will visit him then you have to go from a simple blood test which is done to check whether usage of gammer- P.I.V will prove helpful for your condition or not. Regular doctor’s visit and blood test is a solution which would ensure you with harm free.

Diabetes– If you are having blood glucose its combination with gammer-P.I.V may leave harmful effects. As it is told above that gammer is prepared with part of blood and it has viruses and other infections as well. So, you are advised to always go for a check. You have another option to make use of donated plasma and here it can be checked and then treated so that the infectious agents available in the same can be detached but with this quite possibly you may have caught with transmit disease.

Try these before using Gammer– P.I.V- As you have caught that gammer is attached with both beneficial and side effects. So, before making that use just go to check for presence of any of the allergic reaction to immune globin. Also, you need to check for deficiency of immune globulin A (IgA) with antibody IgA. Provide a complete medical history to your doctor so that he can be abale to tel whether you would catch with harms or not.

What if you are Pregnant?– If you are pregnant and have plans of taking Gammer then take advise of your gynaecologist because he would be aware of all your medical concerns and tells if there would be any harm in that case. This fact is still not disclosed usage of gammer may leave any of the harm to the baby in womb. It is also possible that the immune globin passes to the breast milk and so if baby is over breast fed then quite possibly can get infection. So, never make use of that without discussing the things with your doctor.