Side effects of Hetlioz

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 4:54am by Emma

Hetlioz also known as Tastimelteon is a melatonin receptor agonist used for treating non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder (non24). Some common side effects of Hetlioz includes elevated liver enzymes (ALT), headache, upper respiratory infections, nightmares or abnormal dreams and urinary tract infections. One should have around 20mg of dosage on daily basis and that should be taken before bed time and the intake time should be same. Due to distinct alterations in diurnal rhythms, this drug takes around months or weeks for effecting.

How you can use hetlioz oral- You can use this medicine by inhale orally and to take medicine one should be with empty stomach. You can swallow the whole capsule with milk or water. This medicine is helpful in generating normal sleeping and wakeup cycle so it is great for you to take that at same time every night. The effects of the medicine are shown but take some time and time also matters as per your health condition. In case, even after taking that for month long you would not get any of the positive results then definitely you have to discuss that with your doctor.

How it Reacts?- Hetlioz may interact with rifampin or fluvoxamine. So, you have to tell the doctors for the medicines or supplements you are using in. At the pregnancy period, you should only take hetlioz after doctor’s prescription and the reason it very clear that the drug can be travel to baby in womb and when you are breastfeeding then also not make use of same because can travel to baby through milk.

Side Effects of Hetlioz– It is been checked by different studies that this specific medicine can leave you with some side effects and to avoid all of them it would be great option to consult the doctor before using. It has left some adverse reactions. Some of the common side effects as per your condition are believed nightmares, headache, and strange dreams as well. And in case the condition is left untreated then one should not quickly consult to doctor because that may persists the reactions. Tasilemteon which is main ingredient of hetlioz make you feel lethargic even at the day time. When talking with doctor about all of your condition then definitely he would suggest you some task and medicines which would not only make you deal with side effects but also lessen the risk. Quite possibly you would be lucky and not to get any serious of side effects.

Precautions– Before having hetlioz, you should go from a complete medical check-up so that it would make you assure that there would not be any of the allergic reaction or other kinds of problems as well. Doctor will provide you advice but it would work only then if you tell your complete history to the doctor. As told above drug makes you feel lethargic so try to be alert all the time and don’t work over any machine because may result in accident. Also, one should not consume alcohol as make your condition worst.