Side Effects of Hizentra

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 5:00am by Emma

Hizentra is a medicine given for dealing with serious blood clotting that can be there due to pulmonary embolism, heart stroke, heart attack and deep vein coagulation. Usually older adults’ dependant over the medicine is at huge risk of blood clotting. Some of the causes for the issue are patient feels dehydrated, had suffered from blood clots in past, have a drain in vein near heart for administering medications, heart stroke or failure or having long time in plane. People who used to have estrogen products are also at increased risk. So, you are suggested before having medicine you need to take a quick look to below mentioned benefits and side effects of hizentra.

What are risks- To manage the risk factor of blood clots you have to infuse the medication in slower way. Another process to reduce risk is to take less distillate form of this medication. Along with that always stay hydrated whenever you are going to intake the medicine because this would reduce the risk in much way. You need to always look for medical help if after taking Hizentra you would see any of these symptoms like unusual sweating, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, unusual sweating, fainting, dizziness, chest, jaw or left arm pain, giddiness, warmth feeling in leg or arm, garbled speech, severe headache, sudden vision changes, confusion and weakness on any side of the body.

Medical uses- Mainly Hizentra is used to boost up the natural defence system of the body so that it can fight with infections and thus given to people with weak immunity. Immune globin has natural substances known as antibodies and these are came from healthy human blood. When body have these healthy antibodies then can deal with infection which can make your body ill.

How to use hizentra- You are suggested to read the information given at the leaflet regarding the immune globin or every time when you look for a refill because you should match the condition with yours and still if you have any kind of doubt then should consult with your doctor. Then doctor will tell you the injection should be given to the patient very slowly under the skin using subcutaneous infusion. It should be given either once or one time on two weeks as per condition of patient. The injection should not be given into a blood vessel and the dose of medicine should be decide after seeking the patient’s state, weight and medical condition.

If you are medicating Yourself– If you are medicating yourself then you need to keep some points in your mind that you should be ready with all the preparations as well as instruction given about medication and infusion pump from your doctor because it is must to make use of product in proper way. It is also important to get how you would store or discard the needles after usage. Vials should not be shaken before usage but should definitely be checked for presence of any particles or discoloration to the injections and if have any then should not make use of that. To avoid skin infection which is most common side effects of hizentra, you need to change the location of injection.