Side Effects of Injectafer

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 4:57am by Emma

Injectafer is a medicine needed for treating the problem of blood having less iron means iron deficiency. This specific condition is medically known as Anemia. Your body may have low levels of iron due to so many issues and one of them can be if you are no having the foods with ample amount of iron contained in it. Also, it would be there because of heavy blood loss faced by body. To treat the issue one has to take some medicines to overcome the deficiency. But some of the medication along with providing benefits leaves you with side effects and a name from them is Injectafer. The irony is that along with giving benefit you would have to face side effects of injectafer.

How to use Injectafer Intravenous– Iron is a mineral that plays vital role in body functioning. It is required for body to produce enough red blood cells that are healthy and helpful in carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. It would prove helpful for you to check the information of patient whenever going to start using ferric carboxymaltose or with any of other treatment. Using this step would help you in keeping away from side effects. But best idea is to consult your doctor.

Complete Process– The injection is directly injected in veins and the task is done by professional so that no harm would be there. Patient is given with 2 doses and is 7 days apart. Dosage process needed patience because it should be injected slowly for some minutes. Dosage is also mixed with solution made with salt and given through distillation into a vein and this process takes around 15 minutes of time. As the dose is given by doctor who is aware of your condition but in any case it is not given by him then you have to tell the complete medical history to the person who is going to inject medicine in your veins.

How to Avoid Side effects– If the professional or doctor have taken care then chances of having side effects becomes low but for preventing the same, you need to take care something actually. It is great idea for you to check the medicine with a close look and if you see any of the particles or any kind of discoloration in bottle then suggested not using it. This discoloration or particles can be there if you haven’t stored the medicine in proper way.

Common Side effects– There are some common side effects of injectafer and they include dizziness, nausea, flushing, irritation, pain or bruising to the area where you have injection. You may also have to face skin browning near or around the area you get injected and this spot would stay at place for long time. Immediately after injection one can have raised blood pressure but it goes after sometime. If the symptoms go worse then you have to immediately consult to doctor. You have taken the medicines after doctor’s prescription and his/her guidance would provide you relief.